Writing Prompts

Below are a number of writing prompts to help get those creative juices flowing. You can add your responses to the prompts by clicking on them and placing your response in the comments section. You can share your writing prompts by clicking the link below.

Challenge: Use the random writing prompt on the left and incorporate the random literary device shown below the prompt.

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What is the one thing that you own and cherish the most?

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Is world peace really possible and if so how do we get there?

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You have only one wish and no you cannot wish for more wishes. When your wish is granted, what are the consequences?

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You are walking down the street when out of nowhere a stranger appears, he seems very excited and has something to tell you. He whispers it in your ear, what does he say? What do you do?

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You find a cave that seems no one has been in for a very long time. What is inside?

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Aliens land on Earth, what was there purpose for coming here? What is our response.

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You don't know who the e-mails are from but they are shocking to you. What do they e-mails say or tell you and what do you do with that information.

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Imagine you are stranded on a deserted island. If you could have any three things, what would they be.

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We all have a favorite movie, what is yours and why?

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You have 100 words, use them to describe what you would change in the world. It could be anything from ending war to making yourself the President.

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