A cacophony in literature refers to the use of words and phrases that imply strong, harsh sounds within the phrase. These words have jarring and dissonant sounds that create a disturbing, objectionable atmosphere.

His fingers rapped and pounded the door, and his foot thumped against the yellowing wood.

14 thoughts on “Cacophony”

  1. Is there a term for a word that reflects its meaning when written or spoken? Cacophony is a noisy spoken word that means noisy, while ostentatious is showy word that means showy.

  2. Is this a cacophony?
    They slashed and sliced at the four windclan cats who came at them in a vicious assault, raking the thunderclan warriors’ muzzles, snapping at their legs till the ground around them ran red.

    1. that’s ‘catcophony’. I believe it refers to sound. so, my imaginary foley work while I read that delightful passage was scored cacophonously.

  3. a writer uses this device to create displeasure and bad taste. An example from Wasteland;

    A rat crept softly through the vegetation
    Dragging its slimy belly on the bank

  4. You would mostly find cacophony in comic books and such. Basically it is when you make a noise that sounds like what your describing, for example ‘Bang! Goes the drum’ or ‘Zoom’ when some thing goes really fast.

    Also I’m in 8th grade. My Teacher is the best. Good luck, peeps. º-º *thumbs up*

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