This literary device involves creating a fracture of sorts within a sentence where the two separate parts are distinguishable from one another yet intrinsically linked to one another. The purpose of using a caesura is to create a dramatic pause, which has a strong impact. The pause helps to add an emotional, often theatrical touch to the sentence and conveys a depth of sentiment in a short phrase.

Mozart- oh how your music makes me soar!

3 thoughts on “Caesura”

  1. Is this a cacophony?
    They slashed and sliced at the four windclan cats who came at them in a vicious assault, raking the thunderclan warriors’ muzzles, snapping at their legs till the ground around them ran red.

  2. Good Example
    Try thinking of the show Maury, when mothers are trying to convince their ex-lovers that they were the father. Then just before Maury tells you they DNA results he goes to commercial.

  3. Heart of Darkness:
    “I don’t like work-no man does- but I like what is in the work-the chance to find yourself. Your own reality- for yourself, not for others- what no other man can ever know. They can only see the mere show and never can tell what it really means.”

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