Circumlocution is a form of writing where the writer uses exaggeratedly long and complex sentences in order to convey a meaning that could have otherwise been conveyed through a shorter, much simpler sentence. Circumlocution involves stating an idea or a view in an indirect manner that leaves the reader guessing and grasping at the actual meaning.

Instead of writing “At 8 pm he arrived by car for the dinner party.” the author writes, “Around 3 hours after sunset, it was winter at the time, the man arrived in a combustion engine driven piece of technology with four wheels to join other bipedal creatures in the ingestion of somewhat large quantities of food and drink while having discourse around a large wooden mesa designed for such a purpose”.

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    Hello, you have in fact created just the right example for me to read a bit, learn from, and respond to with just my very own example of what a circumlocation might possibly come to look like from my very own perspective and experience of what I have come to learn about this literary device called the circumlocution.

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    What if I told you, in earnest, that really when it comes down to it, as far as circumlocution is concerned, I’m not really interested in making the case for or against it but just want to create an example?

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