It is a literary device used for expressing a resistance the protagonist of the story finds in achieving his aims or dreams. The conflict is a discord that can have external aggressors or can even arise from within the self. It can occur when the subject is battling his inner discord, at odds with his surroundings or it may be pitted against others in the story.

John tried hard to convince himself that his Hollywood dreams were worth the struggle but his parents, and his inner voice of reason, failed to agree.

16 thoughts on “Conflict”

    1. One main technique you can use when creating a conflict in a story is giving the story a purpose. When writing people can create a conflict that to the reader needs to be solved by the end of the story. When having a conflict in a story is gives the reader a purpose to keep reading it. If there’s no purpose to the conflict in the story then no reader would never finish the book. So as you create a conflict in the plot make sure you give the reader a reason to keep reading making them want to see if the conflict ever resolves or if it ends in a tragedy.

    1. The use of “conflict” conveys tension in the storyline and hopefully kindles interest on the part of the reader. If it’s a conflict between characters, the reader is usually interested to find out who prevails and comes out winning. If it’s an internal conflict then the interest is to see what character trait becomes dominant.

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