Connotations are the associations people make with words that go beyond the literal or dictionary definition. Many words have connotations that create emotions or feelings in the reader.

And once again, the autumn leaves were falling.

This phrase uses ‘autumn’ to signify something coming to an end.

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  1. connatations…is a cultural or idea that evolkes a emotion ….for example if i say “motor” you automaticly think “car” its a association type thing. or if i say paris…you thing of french or gourmet….or if i say…death you think of the emotion…crying,depression,grieving….but its also cultural…like in brazil…football is soccor here in america…

  2. Connotation…
    Can we say that ‘mother’ connotes the sense of love and affection? Is the word ‘mother’ a connotation?

    1. It can be. Depends on the
      It can be. Depends on the context of the sentence. A lot of things have connotations. Connotation just refers to the feeling a word gives you. Pumpkin-Halloween. Flowers= spring, bees, etc.
      mother= loving
      father= masculine, etc.

    2. That is more of an individualistic assumption because that depends on the role that a mother played within the specific individuals life, for some the word mother brings up feelings of resentment or displeasure or even pain but for others it is just irrelevant, another drop of water in the vast ocean of life

  3. The best example I have been able to come up with is Horatio’s line in Act V of Hamlet.
    “Good night, sweet prince, and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest”
    When we read this, we take “rest” to mean either burial or Heaven, depending on how you interpret the line.

    It’s similar to how we know that a body has been buried when someone says it was laid to rest.

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