In literature, one of the strongest devices is imagery wherein the author uses words and phrases to create “mental images” for the reader. Imagery helps the reader to visualize more realistically the author’s writings. The usage of metaphors, allusions, descriptive words and similes amongst other literary forms in order to “tickle” and awaken the readers’ sensory perceptions is referred to as imagery. Imagery is not limited to only visual sensations, but also refers to igniting kinesthetic, olfactory, tactile, gustatory, thermal and auditory sensations as well.

The gushing brook stole its way down the lush green mountains, dotted with tiny flowers in a riot of colors and trees coming alive with gaily chirping birds.

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  1. Imagery is one of my favorite literary devices to use when writing or reading a novel/book. Imagery gives the reader very descriptive words or phrases that help give a mental image in the readers head allowing them to picture the place, person, or what activities the book is talking about. When reading imagery you can almost seem to put yourself into the characters shoes having all the five senses of the character and getting a really good picture of what the character might be doing or where he/she might be going. It makes the book or novel interesting to read due to the very descriptive nature of the text. I thoroughly enjoy imagery because I can always see the scene in my head of the book allowing me to connect while I’m reading. You can have imagery in a story for all the 5 senses which can make a story very interesting. I feel like it just makes the story interesting to reading drawing the reader in making him want to finish the story.

    1. Anything that displays an image or ignites kinesthetic, olfactory, tactile, gustatory, thermal, and auditory sensations as said above.

    2. I would say so. “Ice-capped mountains” inspires a visual image of whitecaps on the surface of the ocean’s water.

  2. Is there any imagery relating to the passing of time? For example, if it were described in such a way that time seemed to pass slowly.

    1. longer complex sentences are used to slow down time in extracts but I’m not sure about a specific word or phrase.

    1. No, that would be a metaphor. Imagery would be:
      Taste: The familiar tang of his grandmother’s cranberry sauce reminded him of his youth.

      Sound: The concert was so loud that her ears rang for days afterward.

      Sight: The sunset was the most gorgeous they’d ever seen; the clouds were edged with pink and gold

      1. is this imagery “In the kitchen the breakfast stove gave a hissing sigh and ejected from its warm interior eight pieces of perfectly browned toast, eight eggs sunny side up, sixteen slices of bacon, two coffees, and two cool glasses of milk.”

  3. An amazing novel with accurately utilises imagery to its full potential is The Lord of the Rings. Its use of descriptive text allows the reader to truly imagine the scenarios that the protagonists face.

    1. I don’t think it is a imagery. it can’t bring me into a fascinating world or a scene that can give me a strong sense. it’s just a description of a world and there is no scene or image in this sentence. I can’t explain well because I’m not a native speaker. if there are some faults, please tell me that I can revise myself. thanks.

  4. As Lucy drifted across the spacious meadows sniffing the beautiful aroma of each multicoloured petals planted in rows. She admired the view of the magnificent flowers that swayed with the breeze, as she perched down onto the fresh green grass.

  5. Is this imagery and personification ??

    The green mountains with a colour pop on each inch of their back and the diamond blue stream rushed down the front of their faces looking like hair blowing in the wind

    1. Personification requires you to give human traits to inanimate things. You could say “looking like hair dancing in the wind.”

  6. Is this Imagery?
    “It’s not like you can go out to the rez and say, “hey, who’s the frybread queen around here?” All of the women would probably laugh at you if you did ask for the “queen,” but seriously, all of them would want to tell you that you’re looking at her. It’s the recognition that all Indian women want….

    1. No. Imagery is basically good description that paints a mental image in the readers head. Your quoted text doesn’t contain any description. Hope this helps.

          1. Actually, that’s incorrect. It would officially be pronounced, ‘No, brother’.
            Yours and truly,
            ya bro

  7. “The flower garden is prim, the house a gleaming white, and the pale fence across the yard stands straight and spruce.”
    -The Scarlet Ibis, James Hurst

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