Oxymoron is a significant literary device as it allows the author to use contradictory, contrasting concepts placed together in a manner that actually ends up making sense in a strange, and slightly complex manner. An oxymoron is an interesting literary device because it helps to perceive a deeper level of truth and explore different layers of semantics while writing.

Sometimes we cherish things of little value.
He possessed a cold fire in his eyes.

56 thoughts on “Oxymoron”

    1. No, an oxymoron would be more along the lines of opposites, like “stupid fun” or “awfully good” or “frightening comfort”. ‘full of comfort’ describes a good feeling.

  1. Is “The brightness of the snow was more intense, it seemed to be burning icily” an oxymoron? Please help!!!

  2. Is, “You should not think of him as a person… [he] is a loving father” an oxymoron? (Those two sentences are about 15 lines apart)

  3. Late one night
    In broad day light
    Two dead boys
    Got up to fight
    Back to back
    They faced each other
    Drew their swords,
    And shot each other

    A deaf police man
    Heard the noise
    Came and shot
    The two dead boys

    If you think this lie is not true, ask the blind man because he saw it too!

    -credit to my grandpa because this is the version he would always tell me when I was a kid 😀

    1. No because perfection doesn’t contradict a state of quietness, you could say, “a cacophonous quiet’

      1. Absolutely. The volume of “loud” contradicts the state of “silence”, which we inherently view as quiet or mute.

        1. Dumb waiter? Not specifically speaking of the kitchen specific service elevator in a a hotel/restaurant…I’m a Chef, and worked with multitudes of idiot servers…so perhaps ‘smart’s waiter would be the actual oxymoron here…or, am I the moron?😬🤔😆

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