Personification is one of the most commonly used and recognized literary devices. It refers to the practice of attaching human traits and characteristics with inanimate objects, phenomena and animals.

“The raging winds”

“The wise owl”

“The warm and comforting fire”

59 thoughts on “Personification”

  1. Is “listened to the banging and howling of the storm outside” personification or is it something else? and if so what?

  2. “Like many people who call themselves journalists, instead of conveying news and ideas, they try to entertain their readers, tickling them to death ”

    1. it’s a metaphor because it says “tickling them to death” which they obviously aren’t doing, it’s an expression

  3. “He had nice eyes, I didn’t feel nervous anymore.” Is this personification? In the context, she is not saying his eyes are pretty, she is saying he held kindness in his eyes.

    1. Umm, I think it should be: His eyes was nice/kind/warm/loving. Although it doesn’t make too much sense. Saying those traits to heart seems more logical

  4. is “the feeling of dread was quickly shared throughout, forcing everyone to look straight ahead.” personification ?

  5. Would “It takes and it takes and it takes, but never gives back” be a personification if I’m writing it about a mental condition?

  6. Is “struck by a question” personification? I don’t think it is because a question is a noun but it isn’t an object or something in nature. What literary device would it be?

    1. A noun is an object, if it is not an abstract noun or something like that, and therefore if the noun is striking something, i.e. your character, it is personification.

    2. it is personification because the question is the subject and it struck which is a human characteristic

  7. “The picture of my mother I was carrying in my felt hot against my heart, as if she herself were sweating” could this be personification?

    1. Basically personification is the action of giving an animal or object human characteristic for imagery like “the roaring fire” is describing a strong fire. And anthropomorphism is when you take a animal or object and make it human like, such as Donald Duck or the tea pot from Beauty and the Beast. So in summery personification is imagery and anthropomorphism is make something more human.

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