Rhythm & Rhyme

The concept of ‘rhythm and rhyme’ refers to a pattern of rhymes that is created by using words that produce the same, or similar sounds. Rhythm and rhyme together refer to the recurrence of similar sounds in prose and poetry, creating a musical, gentle effect.

“I am a teapot

Short and stout;

This is my handle

And this is my spout.

When the water’s boiling

Hear me shout;

Just lift me up

And pour me out”

9 thoughts on “Rhythm & Rhyme”

  1. Is this Rythm and Rhyme?
    Sewers hide the suicides and I support the notion
    Look at me look at you, eyes import the poisons
    Poised and ready, hoisting heavy choices
    Noise is steady from the voices medley
    Meddling to appoint their points are petty

  2. I’m a little teapot short and stout
    here is my handle and here is my spout…
    ahh kinder-garden memories.

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