The use of satire in literature refers to the practice of making fun of a human weakness or character flaw. The use of satire is often inclusive of a need or decision of correcting or bettering the character that is on the receiving end of the satire. In general, even though satire might be humorous and may “make fun”, its purpose is not to entertain and amuse but actually to derive a reaction of contempt from the reader.

An example of satire in modern pop culture is the TV series Southpark that uses satire as it primary medium for drawing attention the flaws in society, especially American society at present. The scripts and writing for the show are an excellent example of satire in written form.

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  1. Another Example

    The Devil and Tom Walker. It makes fun of his physical weakness by allowing his wife to beat him easily (mind you that this was an age wives could be beaten daily without consequence), and it makes fun of marriage by having Tom feel nothing when he found his wife was dead. This story also goes and exaggerates on greed, Mrs. Walker was over enthusiastic about selling Tom’s soul to the devil.

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