An idiom is a figure of speech that has a different meaning from the literal definition of the words used. Idioms are commonly used in language and are often specific to a particular culture or region. They can be used to express a wide range of emotions, ideas, and concepts, from humor and sarcasm to affection and respect. Idioms can take many forms, including similes, metaphors, and hyperbole.

Examples of idioms:

“Break a leg” – This idiom is used to wish someone good luck, especially before a performance or presentation.

“Costs an arm and a leg” – This idiom means that something is very expensive.

“Bite the bullet” – This idiom means to face a difficult or unpleasant situation with courage and resolve.

“Hit the nail on the head” – This idiom means to accurately identify or address a problem or issue.

“Spill the beans” – This idiom means to reveal a secret or confidential information.

“Raining cats and dogs” – This idiom is used to describe heavy rainfall.

“Actions speak louder than words” – This idiom means that someone’s actions are more important than what they say.

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