What are literary devices?

Literary devices or literary techniques are specific structures that writers often use to add meaning or create more compelling stories for the reader. Some common examples are metaphor, alliteration, hyperbole, and imagery. These techniques can give the reader a greater understanding and meaning of the writers intent.
What are your favorite literary devices?

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  1. I need this for school. Corona virus is making us all suffer through school. I’m failing English.

    1. Same here. This really helps a lot, most of the work we’re doing in English is stuff we would’ve been doing with the help of a teacher. Ever since this COVID-19 stuff shut down schools I’ve been having a hard time with the subject. Usually, this stuff would’ve been a breeze, but without anyone to hold you accountable, it gets pretty tough.

  2. I am currently working on a literary analisis essay should I give one paragraph of the main body to each device, and should I mention how devices work together to give the theme.

    1. Yes you should it will make your story more vivid and catch the readers attention which would not make the story boring.

    1. The difference is that a literary device makes more meaning while on the other hand, figurative language compares 2 things with interesting wording to make you want to read more.

  3. What’s the difference between literary devices and rhetoric devices? I’ve searched them up online, and many in the list of literary devices are also found under the list of rhetoric devices. D:

  4. Thanks! 😀
    I just have one question though. How do literary devices help the writer to express his or her ideas?

    Apart from that, thanks for giving such great explanations!

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