Onomatopoeia is a literary device that involves the use of words that imitate the sound of the object or action they refer to. These words are intended to evoke the sound that they describe and create a sensory experience for the reader. For example, words such as “buzz,” “hiss,” and “boom” are examples of onomatopoeia. This literary device is often used in poetry, where it can create vivid images and sensory experiences, but it can also be used in prose and other forms of writing.

Examples of onomatopoeia:

“The buzzing of the bees filled the air.”

“The crackling fire warmed the chilly room.”

“The wind howled through the trees.”

“The clanging of the church bells echoed across the town.”

“The hissing snake slithered across the grass.”

5 thoughts on “Onomatopoeia”

    1. It would be an onomatopoeia because it is a noise that the sea makes, and if you were to make the sound for a crash, it would sound like “CRASH”.

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