Periphrasis uses a roundabout or indirect way of expressing something, rather than stating it directly. It involves using more words than necessary to describe a simple concept, often to create a more elaborate or poetic effect. Periphrasis is commonly used in poetry, but can be found in other forms of writing as well. By using periphrasis, writers can create a more complex and nuanced meaning, or convey a sense of richness or depth in their writing.

Examples of periphrasis:

“The bright and shining orb in the sky” – This is a periphrasis for the sun, using multiple words to describe the simple concept of the sun.

“The king of the jungle” – This is a periphrasis for a lion, using a more complex and descriptive phrase to evoke a sense of majesty and power.

“The liquid gold of the vine” – This is a periphrasis for wine, using a more poetic and evocative description to convey the richness and value of the beverage.

“The city that never sleeps” – This is a periphrasis for New York City, using a descriptive phrase to evoke the energy and vibrancy of the city.

“The land down under” – This is a periphrasis for Australia, using a descriptive phrase to create a sense of place and identity.


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